2015 Alaska to Mexico

With Novara overwintered in Kodiak, Alaska we were well placed to continue our cruising in slightly easier conditions in 2015. The plan was for various friends to sail with us as we headed south to Mexico, our final destination for 2015.

Our route took us north along the Kenai Peninsula and into Prince William Sound before heading south to join the famed inside passages at Icy Strait and then into Glacier Bay. The journey down through the inside passages only whetted our appetite for more and Trish and i have a plan to return "when we get older!"

With visits to Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, San Francisco and L.A. as well as many small native American and Canadian settlements the journey was varied and interesting.

The Baja coast of Mexico with its many shallow lagoons, winter home to 100's of calving Gray Whales and on to the Sea of Cortez where we swam with Whale Sharks will live long in the memory.

The trip more than lived up to our expectations, the scenery and wildlife was amazing and people we met along the way were friendly and helpful with so many memories crammed into 5 short months.

Once again the story of the trip is best told from the blog postings and the photographs included.

Picture4 Alaska to Mexico.png