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2017 - Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and South Georgia

January and February 2017 took Novara south through the spectacular Chilean Channels with their intricate waterways, myriad islands and challenging anchorages. We negotiated our way through the channels into the Magellan Strait and then further south into the spectacular Beagle Channel before stopping off in Ushuaia.

The final part of this leg took us into the South Atlantic and NE to the Falkland Islands where we left Novara for the Austral winter.

Returning in the southern spring we then headed to South Georgia for our sailing/climbing expedition, a truly extreme part of the world with awe inspiring mountain scenery and wildlife in abundance.

The return passage to Stanley in the Falkland Islands gave us our most challenging conditions with hurricane force headwinds that necessitated the use of our Jordan Series Drogue and running SE away from our destination for 42 hours.

Picture 6 SG.png

2017 - 3,295 nm

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