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Antarctica 2007 - 2018


In January and February 2007, I and a group of friends flew down to Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world off the tip of South America in preparation for a trip across Drakes passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. The plan was to make landfall in the small Melchiot group of islands and then head south to the Crystal Sound area just north of Adelaide Island.


From there we went ashore pulling pulks loaded with food and equipment and try to head inland to climb one or more previously unclimbed mountains.


The three weeks spent in Antarctica gave us some of the most amazing experiences of our lives and encouraged me to return one day in my own boat.

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In January and February 2018 I returned for a second time fulfilling my ambition to take my own boat as far south as possible and again this amazing part of the world gave us some incredible adventures, some moments of drama and memories that will last a lifetime.

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