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Our 2014 transit of the NWP gave us some incredible memories, Polar Bears, drifting ice, Inuit settlements and historic sites.

Leaving Camden in Maine at the beginning of June we made our way north via Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and Baffin island where we spent almost 4 weeks exploring the mountains and fiords, slowly working our way north in the Davis Strait.


Our stops in Quikartajuak, Clyde River, Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, Gjoa Haven and Cambrideg Bay all gave us insights to modern day life for the remaining Inuit but raised many questions about their quality of life.

This would prove to be a difficult ice year with all 7 possible routes choked off for much of the year. In the event only route 6 through the Bellot Strait would open up briefly to allow us to force a passage through.