The North West Passage

With Novara located in Camden, Maine, close to the Canadian border and the Arctic, it made sense to choose an attempt on the famed North West passage as our first objective.


In reality there is no one passage but a number of options depending on ice and weather conditions, the size and draft of the boat and the time available to make the trip.


Our plan at the time was to monitor ice and weather conditions as the winter came to an end and spring approached. We visited a number of the Inuit settlements along the way as well as some of the historic sites from previous expeditions.


We left Maine in early June and headed north to Halifax, Nova Scotia by the end of June and completed our provisioning and then headed slowly north to Newfoundland, Labrador and Baffin island where we explored the incredible Fiords and  some of the amazing mountains that are scattered along the eastern seaboard.


We took a similar route to that taken by Roald Amundsen and his boat Gjoa, the first person to transit the NWP and experienced very difficult ice conditions, finally breaking through the Bellot Strait at the end of August and recrossed the Arctic Circle At 07.33 BST on the 17th September 2014  and completed the 6,930 nm trip in Kodiak, Alaska.


2014 - 6,930 nm