Back to Maine

Phil and I have returned to Maine and have been joined by Terje, another of the NWP team.

We are making good progress with the long jobs list and learning much about the boat as we do so. All spare parts and tools have been sorted, catalogued and stowed, all systems traced and diagrams created to add to the boats operating manual and all drawings and manuals filed and listed.

While this may seem a little OTT it will be of great benefit when we need to find somthing quickly.

Terje has done a great job cleaning all bilges and machine spaces and is now busy scraping and cleaning the anchor locker/foc'stle.

Phil and I are now checking and re-commissioning all the boats systems and preparing to upgrade the electonics and navigation systems.

There is still much to be done but we are ahead of schedule so far although after only 10 days I have been accused of being (in no particular order) a tyrant, slave driver, Captain Bligh and other names I cannot include in this blog!