Engine sea trials

In between the work program we have been taking the boat out once a week to try and get 50 hours on the new engine so that the mechanics can check and service the engine. This has given us an opportunity to run some sailing systems as well as see a little of the beautifal cruising grounds around Penobscot Bay.

We have also been blessed with excellent weather for this time of year with cold but dry sunny days. yesterday was a particularly beautiful day with no wind, blue skies and warm temperatures when in the sun. We took the opportunity to head through Fox Thoroughfare and we stopped a couple of times to check the two anchors and windlasses, both worked perfectly. We anchored off the small, sleepy town of North Haven and went ashore for a look around before heading back to the boat.

While eating lunch in the cockpit we were approached by four young locals who were confused by Novara's Aero Rig and wanted to know "what it was and how it works"?

I suspect we will have many more encounters like this over the coming years.