An ill wind

I think the saying goes that it is an ill wind that brings no luck, well after a pretty trouble free refit program for Novara we approached the dock on Wednesday to be met by a foul smell eminating from the general vicinity of the boat....turns out that one or more of the gel batteries had cooked itself and brought down a few of its mates. Nett result an order for 6 new house batteries, 2 new engine start batteries and for good luck a new generator start battery.

Ouch!!!! Looking on the bright side it is much better to find out we had a problem brewing now rather than in the middle of the North West passage.

Trish has joined me here in Camden to help complete the refit and put her own touches to our boat, we can already see the difference and with a big week ahead we hope to haul the boat to complete the work list on the hull, foc'stle and anchor chains as well as complete the new electronics installations and replace the batteries.