Non std equipment

We hope that we will have some great adventures with Novara over the next few years and she will take us into some remote places. However, this does bring a whole range of challenges both when sailing and when stopped!

In addition to the great anchoring systems that Novara already had fitted, we have modified and added even more options to cover the situations we are likely to find ourselves in.

Having taken 25 metres of 12mm chain off the portside anchor and added it to the stbd anchor to give us greater scope, we have added 250 metres of 24mm anchor rope to provide greater flexibility and safety when anchoring in drifting ice situations.

When anchoring is not an option and to allow us to create a cats cradle of lines to shore, we have added four 100 metre, 24mm floating shore lines plus steel strops to enable us to tie to rocks.

With an ice drill and steel ice anchors on board we hope to have covered all eventualities.