Slowly North

We had a great farewell party last night with the Wayfarer crowd and it was good to share a beer or two with so many new friends.

But the months of planning and preparation are over and our new adventure begins.

We will leave Camden, Maine, today and make a leisurely passage north to Halifax in Nova Scotia where we will complete the final “to do” list, take on the last of the supplies and emergency rations and continue to head slowly north along the east coast of Nova Scotia, through the Bras D'or lakes and on to Newfoundland.

It is interesting to see that two or three boats have already left the UK and are heading for Greenland. With ice still present off the southern tip of Greenland they will meet their first challenges as they round Cape Farewell and head north along Greenland's warmer west coast. This early season approach should give them time to explore this fantastic coastline as they head north to position themselves for the ice chokes to open as the summer quickly progresses.

Our plan is to try and attempt to head up the west side of Davis Strait and along the east coasts of Labrador and Baffin Island where the ice will remain for some weeks to come. This is a balancing act of sorts as we cannot arrive too late in the season at the Pond Inlet, our jump off point for the NWP.