Cruising north...Beach Point

We used the very small fishing harbour of Beach Point to rest overnight before continuing north. We were told that it was a very small man made harbour but it still did not prepare us for the entry in very strong winds and following seas as we rushed into the postage stamp harbour filled with local fishing boats.

A frantic hand brake turn was required to stop the boat before we ran aground and then find a spot to tie up. We had just got settled when a local fishing boat roared in and needed to get alongside to unload. We invited a really interesting Aussie couple on board for dinner and had a great evening swapping stories. Incredibly Ding had seen their boat before and was able to tell them when and where thanks to one of his many spreadsheets.....I would tell him to “get a life” but he has had an incredible one so far!....

We have had mostly good conditions since we left Halifax and the boat has been fantastic in the downwind conditions, far more stable and forgiving than a conventional rig and fast with a high of 11.2kts the best so far and this with just the aft main and jib