ST Anthony, Newfoundland

We are now in the sheltered port of St Anthony on Newfoundland's north east coast having sailed here overnight from Beach Point in the Belle Isle Strait.

We saw our first icebergs as we came through the narrowest point of the strait and once we turned east we saw a large humpback display, breaching continuously and slapping its huge pectoral fins.

After one night at anchor in the harbour we moved to one of the fishing docks to refuel and take on water. Once again we had to slot ourselves into a very small, very shallow spot, not easy!

The people of St A are very helpful and friendly but there is an all pervading smell of fish throughout the town!

We received a visit from the local TV station this afternoon who showed interest in our trip, took a few photos and video that may be on TV tonight, without a tellie we will never know!

We will stay here only one day to finalise our preparations before heading quickly north to make the best of a good weather window.