Nain, Labrador

We have stopped over in Nain to take a look at the northernmost town in Labrador.

A mainly Inuit community, Nain has no road access and relies on air and sea routes to connect to the rest of Canada and is frozen in for 6 months of the year.

The people are really friendly and helpful and the local minister came over to say hi. Originally from Nova Scotia he has been here for 12 years helping the community. He asked if we would like any fish as he had just come in from a days fishing and immediately went home to fillet about 10 Arctic Char and bring them to the hotel where we had gone to eat and get internet.

We will top up our tanks and continue north to Baffin Island and into the Arctic.

We will stay here another day, top off the tanks, do laundry an pick up some fresh food before heading on tomorrow morning.