The Motley Crew

We were joined in Nain by two Nordhaven motor yachts, the 72ft Sheer Madness and the 68ft Migration. We were kindly invited for drinks on board migration who showed us some amazing video footage of both boats up close to some huge icebergs taken with their quad copter and GoPro camera.

I was reminded that we had not had a team photo taken so took the opportunity to correct this omission.

So from Left to right...yours truly with toothless grin....Terje Lokken....Graeme Wilding known to all as Ding and our Cumbrian Billy Connelly..Phil Morgan.

At a restaurant on the northern tip of Newfoundland Phil was told that he looked like "that Scottish comedian" to which he replied that he was Billy's brother "Wee Willy" We left with the staff convinced he was Billy's brother!