Progress Update

Still windless and foggy, occasional slabs of sea ice now but few icebergs. The flat sea ice is much more difficult to spot on the radar and it takes some practice to see the small points on the screen.

Despite the range of radar settings it is still the ocean long range setting that works best but you need to be alert as the flat floes show up suddenly. We entered the famous Davis Strait earlier today and will stop just below the Arctic Circle tomorrow night. It seems a long time since we set out from Camden, Maine, and in some ways the real trip starts once we cross the Arctic circle.

Most other boats making an east/west attempt passed this latitude weeks ago but have had to slow to wait for the ice to recede. Having bought Novara as recently as February and with the severe New England winter weather against us, we were unable to start the process of preparing her for this trip until April. It was necessary therefore to see the early weeks of the trip as ongoing sea trials, fixing and modifying as we went.