Progress Update - 2nd August pm

We approached our chosen Bay in the fog but it cleared as we got closer to the entrance, as we motored in it cleared even more showing the ice shattered cliffs with large chunks of sea ice floating out of the bay. When I went back to the ice charts they showed that this bay was still ice bound as recently as June 26th. As we approached a small ice floe we spotted our first POLAR BEAR! We were so excited we all shouted out and the bear jumped off the floe and into the sea, Bugger! I would not follow the bear as it swam away as it kept looking back to see if we were following it.

Once round Cape Dyer we hope to stop over on Tuesday at the Inuit settlement of Qikiqtarjuak where there is a RCMP station with internet access so that we can download weather and ice charts as well as send e mails. The problem that has developed with e mail access via the Iridium satphone is more than a nuisance but as we head further north we will be able to get updates at the various settlements as well as via VHF from the other boats up here, although I do still hope to find a solution once I can download the software.