Progress Update

This is what we came for.......unexplored anchorages, spectacular scenery and Polar Bears.

Clephane Bay is one of the smaller fjords/bays along the coast but even so the scale of Baffin Island is bewildering. The river that runs into the head of Clephane Bay is over 40 miles long... If we only had more time!

We have just crossed the 60th parallel and in another 33nm we will be inside the Arctic Circle.

We are headed for Qikiqtarjuak but we are not sure that we will be able to get to the village on the west side of Broughton Island as the latest ice charts show there is still a lot of ice around this part of the coast.

To Terje goes the dubious award of having hit the first sizeable piece of ice, although small by the standards of the various chunks around us it still made a noticeable CLUNK! He was awarded the Golden Growler, a piece of baked dough the shape of an iceberg.

Let's hope they are all as small as that one.