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Progress Update

5th August...Morning

An early start again as we want to try and make the Inuit village around 75nm north of last night's anchorage in time to get internet access and download weather and ice files as well as e mail family and friends.

There were a lot of large ice floes aground at the head of the bay and we motored through our first real patches of brash ice as we left. We continue to motor close to the coast with the hills rising sheer from the sea close to port. Out to sea there is a huge area of ice as far as the eye can see, we think this is the ice tongue that has been clinging to the coast from about 100nm north of Qikiqtarjuak and 30nm to the south. This ice sheet is made up mainly of 10/10ths and 7/10ths ice and is studded with ice bergs to add to the vista. The last information we had by satphone yesterday was that this ice tongue almost 60nm across had started to break away from the coast and if we hug the shore we can get into Q from the south...fingers crossed. We will not know if we can get out to the north until we see the latest ice charts......The ancient mariners had no such technological luxury!

5th August...Afternoon

On our way north we passed an aluminium speedboat full of fishing tourists with a local Inuit guide. He told us that the route to the north was opening up and we should be able to hug the coast and avoid a long detour.

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