We are getting close to using the last of the frozen bread we added in St Anthony and Nain but Phil made his first trial loaf the other day and it was more than passable. We are almost out of the last of the fresh veg we put on board in Halifax over a month ago and as carrots, onions, potatoes and root veg have lasted really well I am sorry that I did not put even more on board.

We filled both freezers with chicken, beef, sausages, meatballs, bacon, etc, from a butchers stall at the farmers market in Halifax, they vacuum packed and froze everything for us and it has all been excellent. Those that eat early have a light breakfast and Phil or I will make brunch around 10ish, bacon and egg muffins, or sausages on toast or occasionally omelettes although our sizeable stock of eggs is rapidly diminishing. Hot lunch around 1pm is followed by a large dinner around 6.30 or later if we are close to our overnight anchorage. This expedition life is tough eh!