Sailing Blind

We continue to grind our way north along the Labrador coast motoring in strong headwinds and against the south going current. We knew this would be the price we had to pay for getting a good look at this spectacular coastline but sadly where there is land there is FOG. We have been asked for lots of pictures of the coast but sadly any we have taken will be hazy at best. We swapped the spectacular anchorage of Cod Island for another in Ramah Bay on the mainland coast and was gifted with some fleeting views of the 5,500ft mountains that surround the bay as we motored in. The charts in this area are incomplete with large areas of white or gray depending on which chart you are looking at. As we sailed into Ramah Bay last night the Navionics chart showed us sailing about 50m inland! So it is back to good old radar and depth sounder as our first line of defense. A shorter sail today will take us to our jump off point for the passage across the Hudson Srait and Baffin Island.