Ice Updates

The latest ice charts show just how recently the ice enclosing Qikiqtarjuak has broken free from the coast. I have made a video showing the boat sailing through the brash ice at the extremity of the floe and in the commentary I had said that the floe was still in one piece covering an area about 100nm by 60nm. In fact the floe had already broken up into smaller pieces and it was the largest of these that we were sailing by but still measuring around 60nm by 25nm. As we approached Qikiqtarjuak we saw many other floes aground along the shore and at the head of the many fjords.

The ice charts show that Pond Inlet, our next destination, is still closed in but looks like it will open in the next few days so we are off to explore the fjords and glaciers around Q. We will call back for latest weather and ice updates, send and receive e mails and buy some additional provisions in the Inuit Co-Op stores.

My apologies for the lack of photos….the e mail software for the satphone has developed a glitch and the bandwidth in the village is minimal so no sizeable uploads or downloads. I will rectify this at a later date and prove to the doubting Thomas's, Doug and Dales, that we really did see a Polar bear.