Blog Update 10th August - 2/10th's my a*!se

Our second anchorage out in the islands proved no more reliable as a sudden change in the wind direction put us on a lee shore, so once again we up anchored and headed north to an anchorage on the south of Cape Hooper. The strong winds created big downdrafts from the high winds and these gave us an uncomfortable night with the skipper up hourly to check things out.

By 4am the following morning we had had enough and left once more to try to head north, ice and strong headwinds blocked our way so we retreated to the far more snug anchorage in North Harbour on Cape Hooper. With our ice charts now 3 days old we put a call into Fred our Iceman who told us that there was a way through to the north. Unfortunately his information was 18 hours old and did not take into account the high westerly's that had developed overnight.

Heading out we encountered ribbons of ice and was able to cross the first of these getting into clear water each time but as we pressed on these ribbons became more frequent, the ice packed more densely and the clear water choked with brash. After a few encounters with ribbons made up of floes ranging from the size of dinner tables to football fields (2/10th’s my

a!*se) we decided enough was enough and headed back to our safe anchorage somewhat chastened but even more confidant than ever of Novara’s safety and strength in these conditions having broken through a few of the ice ribbons by riding up on the floes and breaking them in two to create a passage through. (videos to show this will follow and we will be having a whip round to pay for a tub of fairing compound and tins of anti-foul)