Blog Update 11th August - “What a difference a day makes!

Another call into iceman Fred told us that the latest ice charts showed that the older, thicker ice had broken away and headed south and that the “fast” land ice was breaking up. It was this thinner ”fast” ice that was flowing in ribbons out of the bay and out to sea. We were just 18 hours too early and as I type this we have re-crossed the now ice free areas we had so much trouble with yesterday and are headed on a direct course to our next waypoint off the Henry Kater Peninsula. It is unbelievable how 100sq miles of ice can break free and disappear from view within just a few hours, driven by wind and currents into the Davis Strait. There are still some remnants of the fast ice out to sea and in the morning sun this ice creates something of a mirage, appearing to be an endless line of high ice walls when in fact it is the chunks of ice and bergs creating a multi horizon effect and deceiving the eye. It is this phenomena that deceived Parry in the early 1800’s when he thought he saw land in front of him in Lancaster Sound, had he of listened to two of his officers who disagreed with him he may well have carried on and been the first to transit the NWP almost 100 years before Amundsen!