Blog Update 7th August - Farewell Qikiqtarjuak

DSCN1314 - Qikiqtarjuaq, Broughton I, Baffin I..JPG

We celebrated Dings birthday by spending the evening ashore in Q with Louis the chef/manager of the North hotel cooking us a great meal. (alcohol free as most Inuit communities are alcohol free)

Before that we were able to get into the tiny man made harbor to refuel from a truck rather than schlep the 800 litres needed to top up our stbd tank by dinghy and 20 litre jugs.

The harbor is tight by any standards and filled with local boats moored fore and aft with long lines to sea bed anchors and to the shore. With under a metre below our keel we slotted our 60ft length into a 70ft gap to come alongside a wooden floating pontoon half the length of Novara. While Simon the fuel guy topped up the tank we gave many of the local kids a tour of the boat and my explanations of the electronics and charting systems on board were completely ignored in favour of turns on the “big steering wheel”.

Even Terje “stoneface” Lokken got into the spirit, giving away some of our store of chocolate as he showed them around the galley.