Blog Update 8th August - Out of touch!

We sent off the last of our e mails, downloaded the latest ice and weather files and headed back to the boat for an early night. As I type this we are headed north to explore the Okoa fjord and glacier while we wait for the ice that is blocking a clear route across Home Bay to fracture. If it doesn't then we will have an extra 60nm detour to motor around it.

I have given up all hope of getting e mails to work via the satphone. Having spent 100’s of dollars on calls to tech support finally to be told that the problem is ”at your end” and that Iridium does not yet support Windows 8!

So….this system goes in the bin when we get to Alaska to be replaced by Inmarsat Fleet 33. I cannot spend so much time away from my family without being able to stay in touch!!