Blog Update 13th August - A 3 Bear Day


Strong southerlies built up on the evening of the 12th , funnelling straight down the anchorage so once again the skipper was up checking ice and anchor. Decision at 1am we raised the anchor and headed north, and with winds veering into the west and big lumpy seas slowing progress we found a secure anchorage under the lee of Cape Eglinton to wait for conditions to improve.

Heading into the Bay we spotted a Polar Bear up on the headland and another on the slopes as we motored in, both seemingly foraging for food or perhaps a snug place in the grass to bed down to wait for the return of the ice.

When the winds abated we continued north towards Sam Ford Fjord, as we passed Erik Point Phil almost ran over another large Polar Bear swimming out towards an

iceberg grounded about 2 miles offshore. The bear was about 10ft off the side of the boat, angry and frightened by our sudden appearance but Phil had not seen him in the choppy water.

Our 3rd bear of the day and more photos for the album.