Blog Update 14th August Sam Ford Fjord

Well we were supposed to be in Pond Inlet by now but this coastline is so incredible we could not pass by Sam Ford Fjord without stopping to take a look. Well, not stopping exactly as the Fjord is almost 60nm long from its head to the entrance and the middle 25nm have some of the most incredible rock/mountain scenery I have ever seen and this place goes straight into my top 5 amazing places! We have so many photos of this fjord that I will put up a separate photo gallery when time and high speed internet allow.


We also had the added incentive of meeting up with a boat called Dodo's Delight and the remarkable Bob Shepton plus the Piolet D'Or award winning big wall team of Shaun, Ben, Nico and Olivier.

We searched 3 possible anchorages deep into the fjord and close to the big walls that we knew they would be interested in but saw nothing. In the third we found only deep water and as I turned the boat to leave spotted a mast beneath a huge wall of rock over 3,000ft high with massive loose flakes of rock threatening the tiny boat below...the 33ft Westerly Discus, Dodo's Delight!


With Novara's excellent ground tackle I had more options and could anchor a safer distance off the wall in deeper water.


We invited them all over for dinner, Phil's award winning Coconut, Thai Chicken and rice, plus the odd beer and glass of wine or two! The guys were nicknamed the wild bunch by Bob and are renowned for their song writing as well as their climbing abilities and all came on-board to give a virtuoso performance of music and lyrics of their own. An absolutely memorable night!