Blog Update 15th August – Full Speed Ahead

We have used up all our spare days and must now crack on and get north quickly. With a reasonably favourable weather forecast we plan to be in Pond Inlet by the evening of the 16th and then Beechey Island by the 21st/22nd. This should put us in place to make our attempt on one of the possible NWP routes.

As we motored north once again in light winds and misty conditions we met a lot of small bergy bits, a sure sign that there was one or more large bergs ahead. Switching on the radar I saw a huge radar target appear on the screen, measuring 3 miles wide and a mile deep with lots of other large targets around. As we approached we saw a massive floe, up to 50ft high with other large bergs close by.


Later that Day!....The light winds turned to 25kts on the nose with big lumpy seas and after persevering all night we turned west and ran for shelter as the winds built still more. We found an improbable anchorage under the lee of Round Island, SE of Nova Zembla Island but we will not include it in our Baffin Island best anchorages guide!