Blog Update 16th August – Waiting for the weather.

We are sitting out the blow and having got a weather update from Fred it looks like we will be here until the early hours of the morning. We also learned that there is the first rumblings that the NWP may not open this year....It is far too soon to tell and one big storm could change things completely. In the meantime the boats that went north many weeks ago are still sitting and waiting, making the most of the time visiting anchorages on Devon Island and down into Arctic Bay.

Later that day!

The winds died in the late afternoon so we up anchored and motored north in big rolling swells from two directions that made sleep almost impossible. These also died as we turned west for the first time towards the Inuit settlement at Pond Inlet, where we anchored in the open roadstead just off the beach at 8.00am. Time to contact family and friends and get weather and ice updates.