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Blog Update 17th August - No Internet...No satphone e mails

I realise that in the old days polar explorers did not have the luxury of modern communications and fully expected to be out of contact from home for years at a time. Amundsen describes in his North West Passage book receiving mail from home via the Whalers that was 18 months old but still created considerable excitement. So why am I bemoaning the fact that the North Hotel at Pond Inlet did not have wifi working to enable us to contact family and friends back home who we last contacted from Clyde river less than a week ago? Because this is the world we are used to. The world of Nansen, Scott, Shakeleton, et al no longer exists, we live in a world where instant communication is the norm. This creates different perspectives, different expectations and if these expectations are not met, disappointments.

So we have left Pond Inlet after just a few hours to head further west having been able to copy the latest ice files from Mark, a retired Canadian Coastguard Icebreaker officer who now acts as ice pilot for the small cruise liners that operate in this area. These files told us that the break up of the ice in the Prince Regent and Peel Sound is late, by at least 2 weeks and that we have time to go down Admiralty Inlet to Arctic Bay where we can refuel and get water off the dock AND...get internet.

Queen Maude 18.08.2014.gif

IF the new ice files tell us what we think/hope may happen we have a plan that will mean that we have lost no time nor travelled any further than our last plan...Just remember, where boats are concerned ALL plans are subject to change at a moments notice, nowhere more so than up here in the Arctic.

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