Blog Update 18th August – Arctic daydreams

Yesterday the sun came over the horizon in the NNE at just after 3am towards the end of my last night watch. A spectacular start to a beautiful Arctic Day, no wind mirror like seas with Whales and seals showing clearly all around us. The recent bad weather that brought north easterlies down from the high Arctic had covered the mountains of Baffin and Bylot Islands with fresh snow with the dozens of glaciers standing out as they flowed down to the sea....Photos to follow!

The day continued bright, clear and still and the journey from the Inuit settlement at Pond Inlet, along Bylot Islands SW coast up Navy Board Inlet and along the whole of the islands west coast was stunning. If Baffin island is a rock climbers dream then Bylot is an Alpinist's Shangri-La with hundreds of unclimbed mountains crammed into an island measuring 60nm by 60nm. is a short climbing summer, (new snow on the 17th August), access is long (by boat) or expensive (by plane) but for those willing to commit the 1st ascent rewards are considerable.

I was also on watch as the sun set in the NNW at just after 11pm. Had we been here a few weeks earlier it would not have set at all.