Blog Update 19th August – Arctic Bay

Well our new plan seems to be the only game in town and is based on our discussions with Mark the ex Canadian Coastguard Ice Pilot and also Doug Pohl who has provided us with a lot of information based on his experience and years of NWP watching and continues to nudge us in the right direction at the right time.


ARCTIC BAY and a Canadian Coastguard Ice Breaker


As soon as we are able to refuel here in Arctic Bay and the strong winds die in Lancaster Sound AND the ice tongue that has blown across the entrance of Admiralty Inlet that is blocking our way out, clears, we will head around the NW arm of Baffin Island and into Prince Regent Inlet and if possible down to Fort Ross where we will wait for an opportunity to transit the Bellot Straight and get down Peel sound to Gjoa Haven.

IF we can get there the way looks clear to Cambridge Bay and beyond.

Time for all our friends out there to cross their fingers!