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Refuelling Novara Style

I have a real dislike of carrying 20 litre jugs of fuel or water. Novara carries 1,900 litres of fuel and 1,500 litres of water. By the time we reached Arctic Bay we needed around 1,400 litres of fuel and 500 litres of water.

Having managed to get Novara into the tiny harbour in Qikiqtarjuak and refuel by truck the opportunity to get both fuel and water delivered by road tanker in Arctic Bay was too good an opportunity to pass up.


The problem was that there was no quayside in Arctic Bay nor any floating pontoons. The stone moles protecting the local boats had large boulders projected out some distance so trying to get alongside was no go.

We solved the problem by edging slowly into the harbour with less than ½ metre below our keelson and going bow-to the end of the mole with the stern anchor out and bow lines to shore.


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