Prince Regent Inlet

There was some debate regarding the best time to leave Arctic Bay and head around the Brodeur Peninsula and attempt to force a way through to Fort Ross. One boat left 24 hours before us and another 12 hours before. Our view was that we would avoid both headwinds and ice coming our way if we left a little later. We blasted out of Arctic Bay, broad reaching in 15kt Sou' Westerly's, and ran into the ice tongue that stretched out from the top of the peninsula.. We picked our way easily through this and after judging that conditions in the central area of Prince Regent Inlet, we have changed our plans and are now (on the morning of the 22nd), headed south west and across to the east coast of Somerset Island towards Batty Bay where we may stop overnight before trying to force a way south, along the coast to Fort Ross and the Bellot Strait.