Not good news

As promised the Captain of the Bremen called us on VHF as they came back through Bellot and told us that conditions in the Strait and over in Peel Sound were bad, difficult for him with ice breaker escort and impossible for us. He also gave us an update on weather for the next week and once again this is not good news with light westerly winds continuing to drive the ice into the Bellot and in these conditions the Raddisson will not escort the tug and tow to Cambridge Bay.


We felt pretty secure in our new anchorage right at the back of Levesque Harbour tucked behind a spit of land, but a change in the wind to light north easterlies combined with a west going current drove more ice floes into the bay and around our protective arm and once more we had to up anchor and leave, the upside was a good look at a mother and two Polar Bear cubs walking across the ice floes and taking a short cut across the bay...... 6 bears in one day....

So back to Fort Ross and Depot Bay where it is still choked with the ice that came in this morning but is now beginning to head out into open water.

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