Cambridge Bay

What started out as a morning motoring in flat calm and fog turned into a beautiful day with great close reach sailing in 15kts as we weaved our way through the labyrinth of islands and shoal waters between King William and Victoria islands. The latest ice charts showed two tongues of 5/10ths ice projecting from the SE & SW corners of Jenny Lind island so we plotted a course that would take us as far south as 68:19. Later that evening this was supported by a call from iceman Fred who had been in touch with Doug Pohl who had advised the same tactics. Thanks Guys.

This worked well and we encountered very little ice and with southerlies blowing all day I calculated that we could begin to head north sooner than originally planned and again this worked well giving us a fast overnight sail on our rhumb line to Cambridge Bay.

A beautiful Arctic evening gave way to the most spectacular display of northern lights, or at least I am told they were, as yours truly was asleep off watch! Perhaps there will still be time for me to see them as we continue west?

We dropped anchor just off the jetty at 18.15 local time and settled down to dinner and an early night. Tomorrow we will go ashore with a busy day ahead.