Timing is Everything

We have seen first hand how quickly things change up here.

Winds and current affect the ice in ways that cannot be imagined.

We timed our departure from Fort Ross to give us the best chance to get through the Bellot and reach Gjoa Haven and on to Cambridge Bay. We had one eye on the ice conditions further west at Cape Bathurst and Point Barrow, knowing that if we got there too late it could possibly stop us in our tracks and force a retreat to Cambridge Bay and a winter in the ice.

Over cautious and we could miss the window, too gung ho and we could get stuck in the ice.

We also had to take account of what was happening behind us that could block off our line of retreat back to Pond Inlet and all points south.

This latest ice chart shows that the route we took down Admiralty Inlet to Fort Ross and also from Bellot south down Franklin Strait to Gjoa Haven is now blocked off by ice.

There are fine margins between success or failure in the Arctic.