Frustrating Winds

The last 36 hours have been particularly frustrating with the predicted 25kt north easterlies replaced with a whole range of wind speeds. The strong winds at Cape Dyer gave way to a windless few hours forcing us to motor, then motor sail then running through the sail options until we were blasting along at 9kts with all sail set. As the evening wore on the winds built to 30kts plus and we went back through the sail plan until we were making slow progress in very heavy seas with both storm sails set. The seas over night were huge created by the strong northerlies, the very shallow waters and a north going current, never easy bedfellows! and exacerbated by the narrowing in the Bering Straits.

This lasted until late morning today when the winds abated and we have gone back through the sail plan and are once again motor sailing in what was forecast to be 25kt north easterlies. Instead of an original ETA of around 7pm today we will not get into Nome until after dark and will be forced to anchor outside the harbour.

17.9 Frustrating Winds.jpg