Rattle your bones...

The storm force winds and big bouncy seas have taken their toll on the boat. Novara has withstood the pounding incredibly well but some of the ancillary items have not fared so well. The wind generator lost one of its blades as we bounced our way up Dolphin and Union Strait. Fortunately it hit Phil on the shoulder and we were able to save the blade. The Foghorn was less fortunate, coming loose and hanging by its wire, we were unable to climb the mast to save it before it decided to abandon ship and disappear over the side. Nuts and bolts have appeared mysteriously and we have yet to find where they have come from and today as we walked the deck checking rigging, etc. we saw that the Radome had come loose, spun around 30 degrees and would have also disappeared over the side in the next big storm. This sailing lark is tough on the crew but even tougher on the boat.

Rattle your bones.jpg

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