My first Orcas

With no wind we have once again been motoring south, seeing more birds, whales and fishing boats as we approach the Alaskan Peninsula but the highlight has been seeing Orcas for the first time, a large pod heading north, with huge males, females and young mixed in amongst them.

As we approached the Unimak Pass the clouds cleared to reveal the large Pogromni volcano with its glaciated slopes leading down to green slopes beneath. As we rounded Seal Cape and entered the Pacific Ocean, we got a clear view of the Shishaldin volcano with its huge plume of gas clouds streaming from the summit.

The last 3 days have given us beautiful clear weather, sunny days and starry nights. We head back north and east now, still trying to outrun two weather systems that threaten to stop us before we get to our winter quarters in Homer. If the weather stays behind us we should be there on the afternoon of the 27th.


Pogromni volcano


Shishaldin volcano