Sand Point

The fishing town of Sand Point was the last real port of refuge as we headed north and although we could have gone on another day before the bad weather hit the opportunity to get ashore and stretch our legs was enticing.

Sand Point is quite a large fishing base with lots of boats, both local and transient and Novara was put on the large trawler transient dock between two large trawlers.

Sand Point 1.jpg

There are fishing boats of all shapes and sizes here, with many small local boats fishing summer and winter.

Sand Point 2.jpg

Along the coast of the Alaskan peninsula there are colonies of Stellar Sea Lions.

these are big creatures and do well in these fish rich waters. Even so the chance of easy pickings are not to be passed up and they come into the harbor here to take what is thrown overboard from the trawlers.

25.9 Sea Lion.jpg

Today dawned misty but with the promise of clear blue skies

It seems incredible that we have come in here escape bad weather but the latest grib files show we have done the right thing with gale force headwinds and 12ft seas across our intended route.

25.9 Mist.jpg