Kodiak in one afternoon

The trip up from Kodiak to our first overnight anchorage in Kitoi Bay gave us a taste of Kodiak at its best. Whales, otters and Dolphin as well as numerous sea birds en route and a breaching humpback whale as we entered the bay. There were two small Salmon fishing boats at work as we neared the head of the bay and they made room for us to pass so we could anchor in shallow water at the head of the bay.


As we were clearing the dishes after dinner a skiff came over with three of the young fisherman in bringing with them a gift of 3 large salmon. We invited them on for a drink or two and they told us that there was a hatchery in the bay that released young salmon each year that would then head out to sea, to return four years later to spawn. They ensured that they took enough fish to maintain stocks and the young fisherman and others like him were free to catch the rest.

In this way they were able to farm wild salmon that returned after four years to the same fresh water river and the fishermen harvested the fish.


During our discussions I spotted through the saloon window a large Kodiak bear ambling along the sea shore, no doubt after his share of the salmon. These bears are recognised as a separate species from those on the mainland and are light brown in colour.

For the rest of the evening Novara was surrounded by curious otters, many lay on their back eating the local crab!