Another amazing day

I have had many days that left me with a sense of wonderment but having recently watched the David Attenborough documentary “The Great Salmon Run” the day we spent in Lake Bay will live long in the memory.

We took the opportunity to visit the salmon hatchery that was operating in the bay. The young manager gave us a guided tour, explaining how they harvested the returning salmon for eggs and sperm to produce 120 million Pink, 110 million Chum and 1.6 million Coho salmon each year.

They carefully control the fishing at the head of the bay to ensure that they can harvest enough salmon to maintain returning stocks plus a further quantity to ensure financial viability. The rest go to commercial salmon fishermen. Any Salmon that they do not harvest, catch or is caught by commercial fishermen becomes food for the local wildlife. Orcas and Stellars Sea Lions as the Salmon approach the bay, Harbour Seals and otters in the bay, Bald eagles and Black Bears along the shoreline. Whatever they do not eat the gulls and other sea birds feed on.

The bay was alive with salmon all returning to the place where they were spawned.

We took the opportunity to net one for our supper and as we motored slowly back to the boat we watched Black Bear and Bald Eagles catching and eating the fish giving giving us some great photo opportunities.

A great day!