Glaciers everywhere

I am told that there are over 100 glaciers in PWS and around 17 are tidewater glaciers with the terminal faces ending in the sea. One of the main reasons for visiting this fantastic cruising area was to visit many of these glaciers so we spent the next few days motoring slowly up the fiords, visiting the interestingly named glaciers, Roaring, Cascade, Barry, Cox,, Surprise and Harriman, each night anchoring in beautiful, quiet bays surrounded by the snow clad peaks, magical!

The bays and the streams at their head are the destination for the returning Salmon and home to 100's of Otters.

A submerged spit created a shallow tongue of water and Otter mums were using it as a crèche for their pups and we counted over 50 otters rafted on the surface as we drifted slowly by.