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Meares Glacier

Phil and Terje headed off to do some road trips prior to flying home for a few months and I headed into Anchorage to collect Trish plus friends Alan and Noi who were joining us for a couple of weeks.

We spent the first few days heading slowly east with the intention of visiting both Meares Glacier in Unakwik fiord.

The calving face is huge, dwarfing the local tour boat below the face.

We took the opportunity to collect some ice for our drinks made from snow that fell 1,000's of years ago.

A group of male Humpback Whales gave us a great display of breaching and Pectoral fin slapping as we headed across to Unakwik. It certainly impressed us if not the female humpbacks.

We drifted by another Otter creche as we motored towards the Meares glacier, with dozens of mothers cradling their pups on the stomachs as they lay on their back. Those that were startled by our arrival took the pups by the scruff of the neck and paddled away to a safe distance.

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