At this time of year Salmon are the dominant feature here in Prince William Sound.

It is thought that up to half a billion Salmon return from the Pacific each year to spawn along the coasts of Alaska and British Columbia. Each fish driven to return to the exact place it was born and with an all consumming urge to spawn before dying.

We have been searching out some of these salmon streams and trying to see for ourselves the fish working their way upstream past the waiting Otters, Bald Eagles and Bears. In this stream there were at least three types of Salmon waiting for the opportunity to move up but the Sockeye seemed the most desperate and also the ones in the worst condition as the fresh water begins to act on their bodies.

There were dead and dying fish to be seen in the shallows and 100's of partly eaten fish that had been taken. Along the banks there were numerous trails in the long grass made by bears and small clearings with the remains of the dinner scattered around.

At the entrance to the streams the new arrivals were in good condition and Alan took the opportunity to replenish the freezer with some of the larger Red Salmon.