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Here Comes the Sun!

With rain and low cloud having been the dominant feature of the last week or so, we timed our arrival in Cordova to sit out a short spell of high winds. With a steady 35kts and gusts up to 49kts it turned out to be a good decision.

This short windy period gave way to winds from the north bringing with them colder but clearer weather. Motor sailing from east to west across PWS gave us an opportunity to hoist the sails for the first time in 3 weeks and the following day dawned clear and bright revealing the ring of snow clad peaks.

The following day the trip up College fiord to visit Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, et al was superb, with six or seven glaciers flowing down into the sea and as many more stopping just short.

A pod of the distinctive Dall's porpoise came to play in our bow wave and stayed for some miles as we motored up the fiord. These porpoise look like a mini Orca, sleek and shiny and bursting with energy.

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