Litoya Bay

The second of the anchorages along the coast was in beautiful Litoya Bay. This large bay has a fearful reputation for huge rock avalanches from the mountains at the head of the bay. These have occured with some regularity over the years. After suffering more than once the Alaskan natives abondoned their homes on the shores of the bay and established yakutat firther up the coast. The last rockslide in the 1950's created a Tsunami that stripped the trees off the slopes to a height of 1,750ft!

Two fishing boats anchored in the bay were swept miles out to sea, the two men on one boat survived the other boat and its crew were never seen again.

Trish was given the option of another overnight passage or the chance of a fatal tsunami...she chose the tsunami!

There were a couple of local fishing boats anchored in the bay as we entered, both had young families on board and as we passed slowly by to say hi we were yet again offered fish. The very narrow pass into the bay can only be traversed at slack water, this co-incided with our need for an early start and all the boats left at the same time, with the mist hanging over the water.