There are only a few possible anchorages along the coast from Cordova down to Glacier Bay and the first is in the small town of Yakutat.

The view from the anchorage is stunning, looking out of the secure bay towards the St Elias range.

Arriving late we opted to anchor out and go onto the dock the following morning. 3 guys quickly appreared to take our lines, ask if there was anything we needed and Les (pronounced Less) offered to run us into town (more a cluster of houses, a few stores and a couple of lodges) and then on to a lodge where we could get lunch and internet.

Les then came back to collect us, invited us into his home for dinner, insisted we use his washing machines and dryers and then lent us a car for a couple of days while we sat out some headwinds.

Les, his wife Robyn, 3 sons and a daughter were typical of the many who live their lives in "Wilderness Alaska". All the men had small fishing boats and fished for whatever fish were in season, Les had built homes for each of his sons as well as his own, cutting down the trees and using a simple bench saw powered by a Volkswagon engine to cut the wood.

We were able to reciprocate the hospitality having Les, Robyn and thier daughter Sonia on board for lunch.

We were sorry to leave these hospitable people and as we left the owner of another of the fishing boats came over and gave us a large salmon to take with us.