At Home with the Kettners

We have had more friends coming to visit in Alaska and British Columbia than all the rest of our travels put together. Surprising in a way given that for at least 60% of the time it is raining and you can see nothing, but when the weather clears it is wonderful.

Having dropped Allan and Alison off in Juneau, Trish and headed south in better weather, stopping over in more fabulous anchorages, through narrow channels full of wildlife, Sea Lions, Seals, Humpback Whales, Orcas and a wide variety of sea birds.

Taku Harbour to sit out the gales that blew through, Stephens Passage with Humpbacks blowing all around us, Frederick Sound and Portage Bay, Petersburg and the Wrangell Narrows, so many memories!

Checked out of the USA in Ketchikan to be told off by the CBP officer for not checking in at every CBP post we stopped at, (first I had heard of it!) and on to Juneau to meet our friends from Nelson, BC, Todd, Tara, Tyler and Kaeli.

Trish and I had first met them in Grenada in 2009 and todd sailed with Terje and I from Fiji to New Zealand in 2010 and for a short time was a stand in Blogmeister while I was in hospital in Whangeri having my infected foot dealt with.

The kids had grown somewhat since we last saw them when we met up on the dock in Prince Rupert but they still had the same sense of adventure and love of nature. The next 10 days or so were spent heading through the inside passages to Vancouver, stopping over in small settlements, old canneries and more great anchorages. Tyler catching a large Chinook Salmon big enough for dinner and a couple of lunches, Todd heading off in the dinghy to explore whenerver he could and Trish teaching the kids new card games on many of the evenings together.

We had a great time together and we hope Todd and co have some great stories to tell of their travelks on board Novara!